PE Wood

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MAJDUL Made in Saudi Arabia.

Fence Majdul :

A beautiful view and a magnificent view suggestive of a blend of ancient Arab origin and rapid urban development. You can use the Fence Majdul in your home to create an aesthetic touch with full visibility and low light access.

Umbrella Majdul :

Enjoy with natural shadows… With Umbrella Majdul is closest to the natural shadows. It passes through a little bit of sunlight.

SHRAYIH Made in Saudi Arabia.

Fence Shrayih :

You can use Fence Shrayih that completely obscures vision and creates a sense of privacy. You can use it around the wall of the house.

Umbrella Shrayih :

You can also block the sun completely by using Umbrella Shrayih is suitable above the parking spaces do not make the car hot after standing under the sun and also built above the water tanks and turn without heating the water inside the tank and can be used above the entrances to houses.

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