Our company produces UPVC windows and doors as an authorized distributor for the sectors of the Saudi Fazah Factory,

which was established in 2007 in the second industrial zone in Riyadh, which offers high quality German technology to suit the highest standards of the region's atmosphere,

these products are relatively modern in our region and are the perfect alternative to the Kingdom's atmosphere is very hot and dusty.

The UPVC material can provide a high level of insulation for heat, dust, noise and microbes, which increases the purity of air inside any building,the demand for the UPVC sectors is growing in the region, particularly in the area of window and door applications in the GCC, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq, as well as in the Kingdom.

The advantages :

  • complete insulation of dust. Because the corners of the window connect to each other by thermal welding and not by the nails as in the aluminum so there is no characteristic (expansion and contraction), which is a major cause of dust passing ,completely prevent the leakage of water and air and anti-termites and insects.
  • Non-conductive and resistant to high humidity.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Resistant to salts and not affected by acids and alkalies.
  • High resistance to corrosion, rust, friction and abrasion.
  • high resistance to shocks and breakage where the thickness of external sectors 2.5 ml 9-sound insulation, which gives excellent protection against noise and provide a quiet atmosphere total heat insulation and contains 9% ratio of titanium, which gives hardness and stability of color,Reflecting the sun's rays remain cool surface even after exposure to sunlight for long periods,available in several forms of aesthetic shrouds covering the defects of the skin and give an aesthetic form.
  • Completely free of harmful lead compound when burning and replacing it with the safest titanium oxide according to the international standard specifications of the production of UPVC .

Manufacturing Specifications:

  • Heat welding technology for all angles, which ensures the complete isolation of sound and dust at a very high rate thickness profile 2.5 mm to ensure the level of high insulation and strength and hardness of the sectors.
  • The sections contain internal supports of galvanized iron thickness 1.5 mm.
  • Use of high quality glass and thicknesses up to 24 mm thermally treated and against the fracture to ensure the complete insulation of windows and doors.
  • Ornamental glass convex and to show the aesthetic form of the window.
  • A number of exterior and exterior beauty rings are available, after which forms and designs are available to cover the defects of the finishes, finishes and paints.
  • There are forms and designs according to the request of the client and in agreement with the engineers of the company.